Deirdre is a certified advanced reflexologist, Eden Energy Medicine clinical practitioner and authorised teacher of Eden Energy Medicine and Ireland's leading practitioner of Energy Medicine for women. She has trained with Donna Eden and her faculty for many years, and is also highly skilled in pelvic and sacral bodywork, working with the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, the gold standard in abdominal work for fertility and pelvic health. She is a practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga + Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and the creator of Dev Shakti Fertility Yoga. Almost twenty years of ongoing study of holistic medicine has given Deirdre the expertise, knowledge and skills to bring a fresh approach to your case and she would be delighted to assist you to find a path to greater health.

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'My passion is for helping you heal yourself and lead the kind of authentic, passionate and fulfilling life you dream of. Although I work with clients with a wide range of issues, my special interests are:    

  • working with fertility, prolapse, low sex drive and hormonal imbalances

  • helping with digestive issues and skin problems such as acne (including adult acne), eczema and rosacea

  • guiding you towards overcoming stress, anxiety and panic

  • assisting you to overcome creative blocks to live a fuller, more joyful life

  • helping support you in spiritual or energetic crisis

  • helping you take a fresh approach to your condition when nothing is working and you feel hopeless

I have been interested in the healing arts since early childhood (as a stream of stray or injured cats, dogs, mice, seagulls and other small children will attest) and started out my professional journey with a degree in Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin. Having moved around Europe for several years in the 1990s teaching, making art and generally having fun (living in Montparnasse for a time with a view of the Eiffel Tower from the bath, if you stood on tiptoe and leaned precariously out a crumbling window)  a happy coincidence led me to meet Donna Eden, a wonderful Healer and Teacher and the founder of Eden Energy Medicine. As a HSP this work was an invaluable discovery and I love to share it with others. Her teachings now form the foundation on which my practice is built and greatly enhance the benefits of the other therapies I work with. 

Donna Eden’s body energy work is perhaps the most brilliant, comprehensive and effective system in the genre that I have ever seen.
— Jean Houston, PhD, Author, 'The Possible Human'


As an experienced reflexologist and complementary practitioner, I was deeply grateful to be awarded a scholarship to become one of the first certified clinical practitioners of Eden Energy Medicine in Europe and have the great pleasure of being a Teaching Assistant for Donna Eden.  I have returned to live and work in Dublin, Ireland (with monthly practices in London and Luxembourg) after twenty years abroad, offering individual healing sessions for women/men/children, running workshops and teaching classes. I am so grateful for the wisdom passed onto me by my beloved teachers and mentors from around the world and in particular to Donna Eden whose work I have happily been engaged with since the 1990s - she has taught me so much and inspired me to follow this fascinating and mysterious path of energy medicine. 


Why did I become a natural health practitioner?

Since childhood I have had an interest in health and healing allied to a natural sensitivity and intuition.  Many people who do healing work have an experience of trauma or suffering that propells them along that path and so it was for me. Losing my mother to ovarian cancer in 2004 was utterly devastating - if you're currently wandering the Underworld in grief, pain and depression, truly I can relate. What helped? Time, energy medicine practices, bereavement counselling, being in nature, discovering EFT, sleeping a lot, a loving and supportive partner, my cats, making art and reading several great books (you can see a list of recommended books on grief and bereavement in the resources section). My mother was greatly helped by complementary therapies during her illness thanks to the Arc Cancer Support Centre in Dublin, and this, coupled with a strong desire to be of service and to live a meaningful life grounded in loving-kindness and compassion, is what inspired me. If that all sounds unbearably worthy, I also get to have lots of fun doing what I love in a beautiful setting, meeting wonderful people and being inspired by the transformations I see.

Why did I train in pelvic work?

One positive thing to come from that experience was a curiosity about the ovaries  - why would they become cancerous - which led to a curiosity about how to keep them healthy, which eventually grew to searching out abdominal massage therapy. The pelvis is largely ignored in a lot of standard massage training, being relegated to a quick circling in the direction of digestion, even that  often being omitted. I was intrigued to find there were people who worked only on the pelvic area. My first teacher was the lovely Clare Blake, a fabulous massage therapist herself and a generous and encouraging teacher and I had the good fortune to train one to one with her in Abdominal-sacral Massage. I went on to do further training in with Clare and her teacher, Helen Rohlicek,  and eventually to do advanced training in fertility, becoming one of the UK's first certified Fertility Massage practitioners and Ireland's first practitioner of this work. 

The origins of many forms of abdominal work lie in the traditions passed down to Rosita Arvigo by the Mayan shaman Don Elijio Panti and refined and passed on by her in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. One day I read Rosita's book and practised her self care massage just as described. That night I had a strange and vivid dream in which I saw an unbroken line tattooed up my arm. I followed it in the dream, pulling up my sleeve to reveal a brightly coloured image of two Mayan deities holding a baby. As I had become greatly interested in fertility support through the clients I had seen, I decided this was a sign to explore this lineage further and continue the unbroken line of tradition held in this body of work. I had three wonderful and inspiring teachers for a week of residential training in the depths of winter: Hilary Lewin, Louise Crockart and Amanda Porter who passed on the teachings in both spirit and practice of Rosita and Don Elijio. 

Even in modern times in Central America, women sleep at watersides and pray to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of fertility and healing for guidance in a dream and Rosita tells how many Mayan women still relate that their weaving patterns were divined in dreams. I learned from her that in the Maya tradition, healers are taught spiritual healing, prayers, and treatments through dream visions. During my sleep, I have several times been gifted healings, understandings  and energy medicine techniques that have helped me in my own life and with my clients. 

Pulsing - joyful creative bodywork

I trained for over two years in Pulsing with the wonderful Guy Gladstone and Richard Lawton at the British School of Shiatsu-do. I love this rhythmic, creative, responsive and playful form of bodywork and it is deeply resonant with the teachings of energy medicine. Click on the links to find out more on the benefits of Pulsing, which originates in the body psychotherapy tradition. 

Emotional Freedom Technique/ EFT/Tapping

My interest in the mind-body connection led me Gary Craig's EFT (also known as Tapping/Energy Psychology) and I trained as an EFT practitioner with Emma Roberts and Sue Beer at the EFT Centre in London and with Donna Eden and David Feinstein PhD (coauthors of 'The Promise of Energy Psychology' along with Gary Craig, the originator of EFT). I can assure you this website would never have been completed without EFT! By integrating energy therapies such as Energy Medicine and EFT with the teachings of the Emotion Code, Faster EFT and NLP I can help you move towards rapid and lasting change in my Dublin clinic or via Skype outside Dublin. I constantly refine my techniques and attend new trainings to keep abreast of new developments so you will receive the most cutting edge and effective energy therapies available in your bespoke sessions. Single sessions or packages of 3, 6 or 12 sessions are available.


I discovered yoga at the age of 16 with the aid of a tiny secondhand paperback by Richard Hittleman and it was something my body instantly recognised and loved. Since this rather inept beginning I have experienced many other forms and finally found my yoga home in Kundalini Yoga, 'the mother of all yogas', as taught by Yogi Bhajan which I now practice and teach. I dearly love the music and chant, mantras and mudras and celestial communication that are an integral part of this ancient technology. My other specialised yoga trainings include Womb Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Fertility Yoga with Francoise Freedman and workshops with Carolyn Cowan on The Mother's Journey programme.  I teach one to one womb yoga and energy medicine sessions for women in Dublin and created Dev Shakti Fertility Yoga  to address a wide range of female health concerns alongside my therapeutic bodywork. You can see my profile on the Kundalini Yoga teachers website here 


Organic and wildcrafted aromatherapy

I love working with organic and wildcrafted essential oils and, since some inspiring training at the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy in London with Alan Stuart, make my own balms, oils, mists and therapeutic baths. Having moved to Dublin, I am slowly creating an aromatherapy garden where I will grow deeply scented old roses, jasmine, honeysuckle, lavender alongside native Irish plants to produce tisanes, scented petal baths and steams and flower essences. I call my aromatherapy work Subtle Aromatherapy as I work with the energetic qualities of the oils using light touch and energywork practices derived from Energy Medicine, Polarity Therapy and the Five Elements theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you are an aromatherapist who would like to add to your skills in this area please contact me via the contact page. I love working with clients to rediscover beautiful radiant skin through Japanese Holistic Facial Acupressure, energy medicine and Maya abdominal therapy - radiance and beauty from the inside out.

Walking A Winding Path

I am happily an eternal student who reads, writes, studies, shares and practises avidly and I attend many lectures, workshops, and trainings in aspects of holistic healing  - such as the work of Byron Katie, various shamanic practices, meditation, yoga, energy medicine, nutrition, sound healing and anything else that calls to me. This ensures my work with clients is always fresh, never static and I seek out the best teachers and practitioners internationally as guides and mentors for my evolving practice. 

This work has led me on a winding path of self-discovery and allows me to constantly grow and evolve personally as well as professionally. I am by nature sensitive and intuitive but don't let that put you off - I also have a keen sense of humour, am not easily shocked, throw a wild party, have a specialism in rather alcoholic cakes and make a mean mojito ... not so often though now I am a committed yogini!

Maybe you want to get pregnant, birth to a creative project or recapture your zest for life, your health and vitality. Maybe you just want to relax and manage your stress better. Maybe you want to get unstuck (trust me, I am the 'been there, done that' expert in this area) or improve your work performance. I would love to connect with you to see if we are a good fit for each other - you can get in touch via the contact page.

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Thanks for reading and blessings on your journey wherever it takes you,

Deirdre xxx

Reflexology, Maya massage, Fertility massage and Abdominal massage can help you with many pelvic and lower back problems, help release emotional tension and improve your digestion and wellbeing naturally. Sessions are available by appointment in Dublin, Ireland.