I was told by Doctors due to my PCOS it would be difficult for me to conceive and after almost five years of trying to get pregnant, I decided to look at alternative therapies.  I started seeing Deirdre in March and I found the massages so relaxing and always came out of the sessions feeling positive. I also did the self massages and castor oil packs taught by Deirdre. I genuinely looked forward to my treatments and I always found Deirdre to be supportive and she made me feel so relaxed. I would recommend Deirdre to anyone who would like a fertility massage in a relaxing environment with someone you can trust. I’m now a proud mother of an 8 month old baby boy. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I strongly believe my little miracle is due to the fertility massages and the change in my diet suggested by Deirdre.


Hormonal balancing: 'Thought I would tell you – I got blood tests back from the doctor yesterday. Hormone levels all now within completely normal range- FSH 13 (from 77) and LH 3.1 (from 37.5). I’m delighted!' M.G.

'Unique to my experience was your manner – you seemed to be immediately friendly and open and professional at the same time. You seemed to be having fun working with me. You were able to explain as you went along without it affecting what you were doing or my experience of it. The follow up, the educational aspect of it whereby you were putting tools into my hands, is quite unique in my experience. I felt totally energized from the inside out. I felt uplifted, light and freed up. Your manner / energy / vibe was so bright and fun and light. I loved the explanations that gently went along with what you were doing. The chat interwoven between just resting and feeling deeply. The follow up with resources after and new things to bring into my life. Listening to what you were doing, the names for the points you were touching…generated an awe and inspiring feeling for my body, its magic and abilities once stimulated'                  A.M.

.Pre and post surgery: Having previously tried a range of prescription medication, acupuncture and physiotherapy to ease nerve pain caused by a spinal tumour, with minimal success, a relative suggested I try Eden energy medicine, and recommended Deirdre’s therapy. Although the concept was new to me, having spent the previous 18 months switching between different prescription medications I welcomed a more holistic alternative. Not only was I looking to relieve my immediate discomfort caused by the tumour, but I was due to undergo surgery in the following month, so I wanted to equip myself with some self-care techniques for both the lead up to my operation, and for my recovery afterwards.

Deirdre instantly made me comfortable and at ease, and was very clear in explaining techniques and the reasoning behind them. After just my first session I felt noticeably relaxed, which made me realise just how tense my pain had made me become, yet at the same time felt a new lease of energy. Having used Reiki in the past for pain management, which I found very beneficial for alleviating recurrent migraines I had at the time, I found Deirdre’s therapy to have a similar effect in terms of my relaxation, and consequently the beneficial impact it had on my immediate pain.

Following my surgery, my mobility was quite minimal for a number of months, and I found the skills I had learnt from my sessions with Deirdre to be very helpful in self-managing my pain levels, but also as gentle exercise in times when my movement was very limited. During this time, Deirdre was very helpful in answering any questions or queries I had. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a pro-active, holistic approach to manage ailments, stress, or simply for relaxation purposes, whether to complement other therapies or to use on its own.  L.W.


 I came across Deirdre when looking for answers to why I wasn’t getting pregnant. She is extremely thorough when learning about you as her patient and unbelievably knowledgeable in everything she has to offer.  

The best thing about the service offered by Deirdre is that it is totally bespoke. She knows you inside out, and will make relevant adaptations to your treatment according to your individual needs. This is a luxury that I have never found anywhere else. The fertility massage and energy medicine, whilst being beneficial in so many ways, is also very relaxing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is having difficultly conceiving.  

Deirdre goes above and beyond to meet your needs and is always available for further advice in between treatments. It is fantastic value for money. K.E.

“Deirdre is a wonderful therapist – friendly, warm, compassionate and so much fun! She’s so comforting a session with her feels like healing your soul.. She’s also truly knowledgeable and always able to offer fabulous (that is: client-friendly:) explanations about whatever condition you come in with, which lights you up and inspires you to want to do your part in your own healing process. I would never hesitate to come back for another session with her.

— LM, Slovenia

I can thoroughly recommend Deirdre as a practitioner. I have seen her for Maya abdominal therapy. The sessions are heavenly and leave me feeling relaxed, calm and serene afterwards. Deirdre has a gentle approach and a practiced sequence where the body is both massaged and rocked on the front and back.

The technique has improved the condition I came to see her about – my sluggish digestion - and supported my general sense of wellbeing. Deirdre is also generous with her knowledge and has given me additional guidance on self-healing massage techniques I can use at home. I have really appreciated this and I feel this extra support is one of her key strengths. H.K.


Deirdre is the most amazing energy medicine practitioner and Maya abdominal therapist. I had a wonderful experience while receiving abdominal massage. I felt very safe, warm deeply relaxed ... very nurtured and I was able to release deep emotional pain relating to the loss of my three babies.
She is an exceptional therapist - highly wise, deeply knowledgeable and very approachable who comes from a deep essence of pure loving kindness, joy and generosity of spirit. I can highly recommend Deirdre as I found my session with her so PROFOUND.


On classes

'A most enlightening & instructive afternoon.Your enthusiasm for your specialist area was so inspiring.  We all seemed to bounce with joy at the end!' C.F.

It was excellent and more than expected. The whole session was crammed with good practical advice and information as well as follow-up readingReally inspiring on many levels! Thank you. B.D.

Deirdre offers Reflexology, Fertility and Maya massage, Energy Medicine (based on the teachings of Donna Eden and the most comprehensive system of energy healing available worldwide), EFT, Pulsing, Natural Facelift and Pulsing at her practice based in the beautiful Georgian surroundings of Dublin Wellness Centre, Ireland and online worldwide via Skype. Advance booking is essential.

To book please email me at hello@devahealingarts.com or text 0892530788

(outside Ireland please use 00353892530788 or hello@devahealingarts.com)