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Eden Energy Medicine for Beginners

  • Dublin Holistic Centre 28 South William Street South Dublin, County Dublin Ireland (map)


Are you surviving rather than thriving?

Do you feel like you're running on empty?

Feel like you've lost your mojo?

This class will teach you exactly how to work with your own energies to restore and maintain vitality and wellbeing - no needles, no tools, no expensive products to buy ... just your own hands!

Energy Medicine for Beginners (EEM101) is a fun, information-packed day with lots of hands on practice and introduces simple exercises and many topics that are important for self-care and healing. This is a one day certified workshop, taught by Deirdre McGrath, Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, based on her teacher Donna Eden's award-winning book 'Energy Medicine'.

A quick Daily Energy Routine (just over 5 minutes) is taught and tweaked for you that will have your energies humming in no time, plus ways to feel more grounded and centered are explored. Energy Medicine for Beginners also introduces the meridians, one of the mainstays of energy medicine. Meridians are pathways of energy that bathe and vitalise our body and its systems ... and you can learn to work with them yourself!

Would you like to learn simple effective ways to ...

  • manage stress

  • boost vitality

  • support immunity

  • help balance hormones, weight and mood?

We will learn to work with two meridians in particular, Triple Warmer and Spleen to do just that!

You will leave with an energy toolkit at your fingertips to help you manage your own energies better and help your loved ones, big and small, too so you can move from surviving to thriving!

 If you are a therapist you can use this as part of your CPD requirements. Payment plans available on request. 

This class is complete in itself and will give you many effective techniques for self care but if you would like to learn more you can continue on to EEM 102 - this class picks up where EEM101 (Energy Medicine for Beginners) leaves off and offers important techniques for moving energy, handling pain, and testing substances using energy testing. You will learn to self test and also to give and receive mini EEM sessions. EEM 101 and 102 together cover most of the techniques in Donna's book 'Energy Medicine' (highly recommended!). If you are interested in training to be a practitioner of energy medicine they are a great first step. 

I hope you will join us to begin or continue your energy medicine journey! 

Warmest wishes, 

Deirdre x

If you have any questions about the class I would be happy to chat with you  - my number is 089 2530788 (office hours)  - please note that I am away on training until Sunday 13 November so will answer any messages on Monday next.

Note: to attend EEM 102 and learn energy testing you will need to have first completed EEM101