Fertility Yoga 8 week course begins Monday July 17th

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Fertility Yoga 8 week course begins Monday July 17th

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Becoming Mama - Kundalini Yoga for Fertility 

Empower yourself through potent practices for optimal fertility drawn from Kundalini Yoga, Womb Yoga and Energy Medicine for Women


Kundalini breathwork to calm the mind and lower stress

Kriya (specific sequences of postures) to stretch and open the pelvis, support healthy circulation to the ovaries and womb, release stored tension, awaken sexual and sensual energies, balance hormones and boost fertility naturally

Meditation with mantra to bring calm, focus and connection to your inner guidance 

Deep relaxation and guided visualisation to connect to your body in a joyful and nurturing way and prepare for conception

Next 8 week course begins Monday July 17th at 5.45pm - 7.00pm and we will start right on time! 

Holiday season! :) no problem if you have to miss a class or two - there are two classes running, Mondays and Thursdays, and you are welcome to make up any missed classes on the alternate day. 

Course fee: 125 euro 

Limited spaces available so advance booking is essential


Led by Dev Shakti Kaur (Deirdre McGrath) practitioner & teacher of Kundalini Yoga + Meditation, Womb Yoga + Fertility Yoga. Deirdre is Ireland’s first practitioner of Fertility Massage Therapy + Reproductive Reflexology and an advanced practitioner of Energy Medicine for Women having trained for many years in Donna Eden’s work (healer, teacher and author of ‘Energy Medicine’ ) which has been described ‘the most comprehensive system of energy healing in the world’. She has supported women’s health and fertility for the past 7 years and has a wealth of experience to support you on your journey to becoming mama. 

Suitable for all women interested in optimising or maintaining their fertility naturally, for women preparing for or going through IVF, for women with low libido, menstrual issues and hormonal imbalances or those just wanting to reconnect to their womb centre and inner guidance.

Please feel free to call for a chat if you have any questions on 089 2530788

‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom’. Anais Nin