Fertility Yoga + Meditation January
to Feb 12

Fertility Yoga + Meditation January

Beginning Monday January 8th at 7.15pm - 8.45pm for six weeks

Empower yourself through potent practices for optimal fertility drawn from Kundalini Yoga, Womb Yoga and Energy Medicine for Women

In this Winter series we will work specifically with balancing the Water element in ourselves, working with Kidney and Bladder meridians. 

Emotionally this helps us move from feeling hopeless and fearful to feeling hopeful about stepping forward towards a new beginning. If you feel like you're at your wits end, you're not alone! 

'I've tried acupuncture, given up alcohol and coffee, have sex on a timetable ... and still no joy!! I don't know what else to do!'

'I feel like I'm going to slap the next person who tells me they just fell pregnant without even trying'

'I'm so sick of people asking me if I'm pregnant yet ... its none of their business'

'Just relax and it will happen - how am I supposed to do that when it's all I can think about??' 

e will work with simple energy medicine and yogic techniques to boost our reproductive and creative energy.

inter is the season of the Water element: in Chinese and energy medicine terms this means working with Kidney and Bladder meridians and this is the perfect time of year to do this. 

idney meridian imbalances show up in many ways:

  • you may experience unexplained infertility or miscarriage

  • you may have pain in the ovaries

  • your libido may seem to have vanished -

'I have little or no interest in sex which really doesn't help things when I'm TTC!'

  • you may have low back pain

  • ou may experience menstrual issues or hot flashes

  • ou might feel a sort of brain fog or have trouble remembering things

  • you may be experiencing sleep problems -

'I feel like I'm always on edge, living on my nerves - I have trouble sleeping and keep waking up around 3am'

  • or emotional turmoil -

'I feel like I'm so up and down, just all over the place emotionally - one minute I think I'm fine and I have it all under control then the least little thing - like someone in work announces they're pregnant - and I feel gutted for days. I want to be happy for them - I am happy for them - but at the same time I feel so angry and jealous - I feel so awful for even saying this' 

We will also use Kundalini breathwork to calm the mind and lower stress

We will work with simple fertility yoga sequences to stretch and open the pelvis, support healthy circulation to the ovaries and womb, release stored tension, awaken sexual and sensual energies, balance hormones and boost fertility naturally

Meditation with mantra to bring calm, focus and connection to your inner guidance 

Deep relaxation and guided visualisation to connect to your body in a joyful and nurturing way and prepare for conception

Six week course fee: 125 euro 

Classes are 90 minutes long and take place in a supportive and nurturing environment with plenty of individual attention. 

Limited spaces available so advance booking is essential

Led by Deirdre McGrath (Dev Shakti Kaur) practitioner & teacher of Kundalini Yoga + Meditation, Womb Yoga + Fertility Yoga.

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